Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Outfits!

I had in my mind that I wanted Madeline to have a very old-fashioned Easter dress with a vintage feel to it. A little embroidered collar with hand-made lace, complete with pearl buttons and pintucks.

Uh, yeah. Totally crashed and burned, ya'll.

I made a very poor fabric choice that was way too thin and delicate (read: difficult to work with) and my hand crocheted lace started unraveling after it was sewn into the collar.

So, I started all over with a new plan. I had purchased the "Marissa" dress from The Scientific Seamstress right after it came out and decided it would be a good choice. And yes, more Amy Butler "water bouquet" fabric. Can't get away from it.

Recognize that basket? The tutorial is here. The hat was thrifted for $ that!

I'm so pleased with how it came out! And Carla has done it again with another fantastic pattern. If you recall, I used her "Precious Dress" pattern for Maddie's dress last year (it kills me how much she's grown in just a year!).


I bought Will an outfit to wear Easter Sunday, but it was really, really bugging me that he didn't coordinate at all with his sister. So I made a tie to pair with a white shirt and pants that he already had. I know he's mine and that makes me totally biased, but cute is he? The tie is from this pattern. I highly recommend it - you'll be seeing plenty more of these on my little guy!


And together?



I can't believe these kids are mine. Am I blessed or what?


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