Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cloth baby wipes : Tutorial

Okay, so this is probably the easiest project ever. Like, for real.

I cloth diaper, so using cloth wipes just makes sense. But I'm not okay with paying out the nose for something I'm going to wipe my baby's butt with. You know? I made up a batch of these when I was pregnant with Madeline and we still use them all.the.time. In fact, I just used the leftover flannel and terrycloth I had from her wipes to whip up some more for Will.

Okay, here we go!


Cotton flannel
Cotton terrycloth
matching thread

Cut your flannel and terrycloth into 9 inch squares. I find this size works the best, because they fit perfectly in a standard wipe container, but you might want a different size for whatever reason.


The loopy side of the terry cloth is what I use as the "right" side of the fabric.


So, right sides together! Stitch together, leaving a gap for turning. I usually leave my gap in the middle of a side as opposed to a corner. It's easier to hide.


Trim corners, turn and press.


Now you can top stitch anyway you like. I've used both a zig-zag and a straight stitch and they both look fine. Again, just wiping a baby's butt here.


I also made a matching bath towel in the same manner. I just added two lines of stitching down the center of the towel for added durability.



This would make an awesome baby shower gift!

Oh, I forgot the last step... go wrap your adorable baby in their snugly new towel! (Okay, I'll admit that was just my lame-o way of sneaking another picture of my baby in. He's just so darn cute!)



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