Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cowboy and Cowgirl party!

Maddie and Will

With Madeline and Will's birthday's just two weeks apart (even though I was due BEFORE her birthday, remember? Longest two weeks of my life) we decided to combine birthdays and have one big shebang this year. I've discovered that I just love planning parties, and since this was my only chance for the year to throw and fun, themed birthday party, I really got into it.

Western Invitation Birthday girl!
Hats, stick horses and badges for all the kids! 
Cowboy party time!
 Cowboy guests
My sister Kelly helped me assemble the cake - to be totally honest, when I was mixing all that fondant, I had SERIOUS doubts that there was even going to be a cake, so I was really pleased that it turned out just like I envisioned! Maddie's eyes seriously turned into saucers when she saw it, so...mission accomplished!
 Let's eat cake! Maddie's cowgirl party
Will got his own little smash cake, which he dug right into! Will loved his first taste of cake!
We had such a fun time - and I'm only a little sad I don't get to plan another party until next year! :)


Oriental Trading company has a ton of great party supplies for cheap! That's where I found the hats, the bandanas for decorating (they wouldn't have worked for the horses, they are just a super thin poly), the cowboy cut-out for "pin the badge on the sheriff" and the sheriff badges.
I made the bandana stick horses with supplies from Hobby Lobby - $1 bandanas, $1 dowel rods, felt ears and eyes - total cost per horse? $2.50. Can't beat that. I took some basic pictures, so I can post a tutorial if anyone is interested. Super easy.
UPDATE: Stick horse tutorial can be found here:
The fabric for the kids outfits (even the plain white tshirts) came from Hobby Lobby.


  1. Molly! I completely lost your blog - I didn't know I wasn't following it any more, I just thought you'd been quiet. Well, quiet for a really, really long time. I'm so glad I foundyou again - gorgeous, gorgeous pics! And children too, of course. :)

  2. hi im interested in a tutorial for the bandana stick horses for my sons bday party next month.

  3. How did you make the bandana stick horses? They look great and can't believe they only cost you $2.50 each!

  4. I'm interested in the tutorial on now to make the stick horses as well! they look so cute!

  5. First time visiting your page--GREAT IDEAS!!! I'm also interested in the stick horses. Need to make several quick for a benefit. Did I miss the post? I tried searching on your site, but had no luck.

  6. Stick horse tutorial is up! Finally, right? ;)