Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chenille blankets, part deux

Remember the chenille blanket I made in case baby #2 was a girl? Well, now Madeline has inherited it. She calls it her "nap time" blanket and totally loves it. I do too! Right before Christmas, I received an Etsy order to make a matching pair for a set of newborn twin girls. These blankets are a labor of love, that's for sure, but the end result is SO worth it.

I used my favorite all time fabric line, Hunky Dory by Chez Moi. You might remember it from...uh, EVERYTHING in Maddie's room.


I used hot pink, light pink and white flannel for the chenille back.


Don't they look so pretty all packaged up and ready for shipping?


I have some really cute fabric and some yummy flannel to make one for Will, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe that would be a good fall project...


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  1. Gorgeous! That chenille blanket is my new go-to baby blanket pattern, I absolutely love it. I finally bought me a special cutter to cut out all those layers to save my hands (Clover Slash Cutter - much cheaper than Olfa and works great!)