Thursday, February 10, 2011

Twirly Birthday Dress!

Last year for Madeline's birthday, I made her a special birthday outfit, and I thought it would be a fun tradition to keep up! This year, we're doing a "pink party" - everything is pink, pink, pink! My girl loves anything girly, frilly and PINK. As I mentioned in my tiered curtain post, the idea for the curtains originated when I was trying to come up with an idea for a frilly, twirly dress for Maddie. I made the curtains first and then got to work on her birthday dress.


She really loves it. Because - a) it's pink and b) it twirls. Does she need any more reasons? I let her try it on for a mini photo-op and had to seriously bribe her to get her to take it off. Every morning she asks if she can wear her "birthday dress". She knows how to make her momma feel good!!


We're trying to beat the baby to the punch by having her birthday party a little early this year - so this little one is under strict orders to stay put until after Saturday. After that? Bring on the baby!!

I've been working on some other little birthday things, I'll share them after the party on Saturday. And then maybe I can finally finish my baby quilts? I'm kind of cutting it close! 6 days!

Notes: I used the same method as I did for the curtains - I just doubled the length of each tier to make it more "twirly". I also sandwiched in a layer of tulle to make it a little more full. To get my first tier width, I measured the turtleneck from armpit to armpit and multipled that number by 4. Then took that number and multiplied it by 2 for tier #2 and so on.
The waistband was an afterthought - I wasn't happy with how the first tier attached to the turtleneck (which I did NOT make, by the way!), so I sewed down a piece of ribbon and ric rac and handsewed the bow on. I think I'm going to add a tie for the back - the dress is so heavy that it does make the knit turtleneck sag a bit. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing - it came out just like I wanted. (love it when that happens!!)

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